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August 27, 2007

Abs of Jello

Jelloperfect I don't have unlimited workout time.  I don't have a personal trainer, personal gym with all the amenities, a personal chef, a stylist, or a chauffeur.  I am a mom who sometimes can't fit in a shower.  So, it should come as no surprise that I most definitely don't have abs of steel.  What I have is abs of Jello.  A little wiggly, a little wobbly and stretch marks to boot.  What I also have is a weak low back.  For years I have been listening to the words "Strengthen your core. . .it's all about the core"  But, I dismissed Pilates as a fad.  And then I started biking.  Lancearmstrong_jpgI thought it was all about my legs.  Not necessarily so as I have learned.  According to the article "Super Abs" from Bicycling magazine, strengthening my core will help me climb hills better, sprint faster and be able to ride longer. But, I must confess, while all those things sound like worthy goals, what I really want a strong core for is so that I can give my victory ride in over a finish line with arms held high! (Imagine my face pasted over the picture to the right . . ) Seriously, right now I can only give a quick wave before grabbing the handlebars again -how ridiculous is that?

So, to that end I have decided that I will brave a Pilates class at my gym.  They have a whole host of classes from beginner (definitely me!) to advanced - even ones with a machine called a reformer.  I'm definitely nervous.  Pilates is outside my comfort zone.  I just got the swim, bike, run thing down.  Then again, the swim, bike, run thing was new once too.  I worry about looking ridiculous but, I know that I can actually gain something by trying something new.    A year ago if I hadn't been willing to take the risk and step up to the start line of my first triathlon I wouldn't be where I am today.

I will let you know how the first class goes.  Until then, think about something new you might want to try or let me know what got you to push yourself to do something out of your comfort zone.

Swim, bike, run, repeat. . .   -Jen


Way to go, Woman. To those of you out there who are just meeting Jen for the first are in for a TREAT!!! We have known her since diaper days and when this kid says she is going to do something...move aside!!! Follow what she says, dig in and you will be one successful person...just like Jen is. Jen, I will be looking for the feedback on, remember, fake knee and hip...can I do them?? Love, Mrs. Downs

Posted by: Theresa Downs | Aug 28, 2007 10:28:57 AM

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