Trek Women
August 12, 2007

Bib# 1410

Img_0991 When I went to pick up my race packet for the NJ Tri the day before the race, I was pleased to find that my race bib# was 1410.  What a great anonymous, middle of the pack number!  When I did the Philadelphia Women's Triathlon, I got my packet and discovered I was number 10. 

In my mind, number 10 means you are good - really good - the kind of racer that the crew follows with cameras and the TV van.  How many times have you ever heard an announcer say, "Wow, look at #1410 - we have no idea who that is but look at them take charge of this race!" 

I think Jeff thought I was crazy for fearing the Bib# 10 going into the last race.  But, the morning of the race at body marking, another racer remarked, "oooh,  number 10 - you must be good!"  Ah ha! 

Right now, I think I prefer to be that middle of the pack numbered racer who can celebrate the small victories and missteps without any expectations or focus drawn to them.  But, it does always make me smile when spectators are kind enough to yell out, "Good job #1410 - you go girl!"

Swim, bike, run, repeat. . . .



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