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August 7, 2007

Philly Tri Results and Recap

Meandtheboyz_2 I mentioned the Philadelphia Women's Triathlon on July 8th (see post: Philly Women's Tri) but didn't get a chance to share how the race went.  It was a sprint tri (duathlon offered as well):  1/2 mile swim, 17.1 mile bike, 5K run.

I got there just before 6 AM and so I was one of the first to get body marked and be in the transition area.  I didn't get marked fast enough and then get the bug spray on because I had a few bites on my legs already starting to itch by 6:15.  I had a great spot for my bike - I was in the first rack so I was right at the end and racked right by a small tree so I could dump extra stuff under it.

The swim:  It was point to point with the current (not much current, darn!) and so we had to walk up river to the start.  The water temp was announced as 74 degrees but it still felt brisk.  The start was from the water so we had to get in and tread water before the start whistle blew.  That used some energy.  When we finally started it was a lot of kicking and I felt like I never got a good rhythm going.  Getting out of the water I was more disoriented than I expected and had to take a little extra time in transition to get my balance.

Thebike_2 The bike:  The bike course was awesome.  We did two loops and it was mostly flat and I was cruising a lot faster than I expected.  The two loops was great because you twice were by a lot of spectators - Jeff and the kids were there yelling and waving signs. 

The run:  Ugh!  It was 95 degrees or so and I started the run dehydrated and with massive calf cramps.  I felt like I was running through molasses.  Luckily, some of my Team Survivor friends were working the water stations and they knew I wanted water to drink and water thrown on me to cool down.  Thanks Carla and Bob! 

End result: 1:45:06

Swim: 13:35, T1: 2:04, Bike: 57:17 (17.8 mph avg), T2:  0:57, Run: 31:14 (10:05/mile)

Since this was my first tri of the season and my blood cells still aren't at a normal level(hello, red blood cells, I could use some oxygen!) I wasn't sure what to expect.  My goal was under 2 hours (my super secret goal that I didn't tell anyone was 1:50). I told my son (who doesn't understand why I am not going to win) that I was hoping to be in the top half of my age group - I just squeaked in there as 46 of 94  Swim - needs some work.  Bike - better than I expected but hoping to bring that speed up.  Run - surprisingly better than expected given the heat, the bonk and the cramps.  My run is the weakest and I am almost at my best 5K pace (9:58/mile) so early in the season

Swim, bike, run, repeat. . .




I came across this after I heard about your riding through a person working the Mom's club booth at the Community Day fair this past weekend. I know we fell out of touch and I was a pretty horrible friend by not trying harder to stay in contact. I can't tell you how amazing I think you are, you look fantastic and I wish you lots of luck with the races. P.S. - the kids look great, Cameron looks like a young man already!

Posted by: Pam Wynne | Sep 4, 2007 1:17:37 PM

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