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August 23, 2007

Reunited at last

So, I am back from Alaska and trying to re-settle in to what is left of the summer.  I have so many pictures to sort through before I can share and show what an amazing trip we had. 

The more exciting and immediate news is that I came home to a message from my bike shop that my Trek Equinox 7 WSD had arrived and was patiently awaiting me.   While I was visiting Trek this summer I met my new ride and we spent some time together.  First, there was the bike ride with a bunch of great gals from Trek.  There I got to know what it was like to have cool aerobars and different shifting than I was previously accustomed.  Next, my Equinox and I spent the day together at a photo shoot.  How great is that? - in my pictures I certainly thought it was the star of the show.  After the photo shoot we headed over to the Trek store of Madison - East where Carol spent a long time working on the fit of my bike, getting it just perfect for me. (For an explanation of some of the things involved in a bike fit see this article).  Thanks for your patience in adjustments Carol!  And it was there that my Equinox and I parted ways. . . .Now we were to be reunited at last.  Except for the fact that the bike shop was closed.  So close and yet so far away! 

The next day I was able to go and pick it up.  I loaded down the kids with books and activities and the "no nonsense mommy look of death" that adequately conveyed the consequences of their screwing around in the bike shop and ruining my reunification.

Suzanne, at Guys Bicycles, who sold me my road bike last year and has been following my endeavors, was excited to hear all about the Trek Women Who Ride program and was already helping think up great new ways to bring together all you Trek Women in the Bucks County PA area.  While we were chatting, my snappy Trek bike computer was installed and then she was all mine!  I made Cameron take this picture of me with my new cool ride strapped to my much uncooler mom-mobile. Jenwithequinox7wsd

It has been a couple of days and my Equinox is still sitting in a place of honor - in my family room!  Here's the thing -  we have the kind of garage where everything gets tossed - hockey sticks, roller blades, golf clubs, balls, the recycling, everything and in no particularly organized way.  There was no way I was going to strand my Equinox with all of that until she had a special place where no harm would come to her.  On the first night Jeff even controlled his eye-rolling as he listened to me ramble on about the aerobars and the geometry. 

The fates have not aligned well because, as pretty as she is to look at, I really just want to ride.  Evening thunderstorms, a husband who needs to work late and catch up from vacation, plus all 3 of our babysitters being on beach vacations (the nerve!!) have left me with the two boys who just can't keep up to their mom and a new speedy ride.  So, it looks like her inaugural ride may just be a local charity ride that I signed up for this weekend.  I can't wait to tell you more. . . .



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