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August 9, 2007

Which Way?

Mcj043156100001 Okay, so the NJ Tri was a few weeks ago and I had plenty of nerves after I got notice of the online athlete information packet.  So, I feel it is time to share my jitters with all of you out there.  My training has been off-schedule, to say the least.  Between vacation, the trip to Trek and just summer in general, I feel like I am always juggling the "what I should be doing" with the "here's what I am going to do instead."  Sometimes that just means switching up a workout due to weather or perhaps a hotel pool not really being conducive to laps.  Other times it heads straight to " vs. Yardley Ice House water ice?"  The run does not usually come out the winner in that one.

So, while two weeks earlier I went into the Philadelphia Women's Tri feeling good about where my training was at that point, I wasn't sure which end was up going into the NJ Tri.

Which brings me back around to the title of my post.  In reading the athlete packet and the studying the course map  (because while I never have the nightmare of drowning in a tri, I do fear getting lost on the course), I discovered that the bike course would not be closed to traffic.  I didn't quite know what this meant.  Did that mean there wouldn't be people directing me which way to go?  Will I end up doing the Olympic bike course because I miss a turn?  As you will discover on this journey with me, every time a race is near, I have to find a new fear to focus on.  I can say that with each race I do, my fears are not totally erased - part of that is the adrenaline talking - but I do gain confidence with practice.  And, for those out there who might recognize themselves in my descriptions, I will say this.  1) Nothing has ever eaten me in open water!  2) I haven't strayed lost off a course yet!

Swim, bike, run, repeat. . . .



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