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November 16, 2007

A New Set of Wheels

Img_1670 I now have a new set of wheels - four new ones to be exact.  The reason I haven't been as "talkative" to you all out there in the past week or so was because I was out buying a new car to replace my mom-mobile.  Okay, so this one's a mom-mobile too - it's not like I traded the kids in with the last car. 

The exciting thing about the whole thing to me - other than that new car smell, and 30 seconds of having the cleanest car in years, was the process.  I researched, shopped, negotiated and bought the new car completely on my own.  All previous cars I have had involved a parent or significant other helping with the purchase along the way. 

Buying the car reminded me a lot of of the process of buying my bike last year.  There was a bunch of research involved, a bunch of trips to look and test drive, and a  lot of anxiety to the whole purchase!  The cool part is that the bike buying experience last year gave me a lot of confidence.  I don't think the pre-triathlon, leaping in to new experiences me would have been able to approach car-buying with the same confidence had I not done the bike buying myself. 

The salesman was great - very patient with my odd set of car buying rules.  1) The car had to be able to comfortably fit my kids (they can't run along side yet).  2) It had to be able to accommodate a bike rack on the back with ease  3) The cargo area had to fit all my tri gear (and Carla's for when we carpool) - most people aren't running through that mental checklist at the dealer 4) it had to be able to play my good pump-me-up for a race music and 5) it had to have no power doors (my kids were endlessly fighting over who got the power door on the old mini-van.  "It's NOT fair, he got it last time," said in the whiniest voice possible was getting on my every last nerve.

And so, the new car met the Jen criteria and I negotiated a good deal.  Now I have four new wheels and have lived to tell the tale with no car salesman goo all over me!



Great looking car. I too have been out there searching. What make is this? It's mighty fine...

It is a Honda CR-V. I'm really enjoying it! -Jen

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Nov 17, 2007 3:20:16 AM

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