Trek Women
November 29, 2007

Bump Me, Baby

Airplane_2 When we traveled home this week, the airport was the usual holiday craziness.  Passengers who were tired, hungry, and intent on getting to their destination as quickly as possible packed every inch of the airport.  It was our dream come true. 

We love to travel.  Traveling costs money.  The way we offset our little hobby is to spend endless hours in airports NOT getting to our set destination on time.  It's the bumping game.  Yes, we purposely book flights at the holidays that are sure to be overfull with people intent on getting to Dear Aunt Sallie's on-time.  We then get to the airport and volunteer ourselves to be bumped to a later flight.  In exchange we get airline vouchers.  This little game has funded our travel adventures for most of the last ten years.  We always come prepared for the overnight bump and have taken bumps even when the kids were still toddlers.  The boys know Atlanta's airport and terminals like the back of their hand.  Our families know that all plans to pick us up at the airport are tentative until given actual notice.  This Thanksgiving we were disappointed on the way to SC with no bumps.  But, coming home we were richly rewarded with an overnight stay and $1,600 worth of airline dollars for future flights.

Because vouchers are only good for a year and we already had our Christmas tickets and vacations through summer 2008 booked, we are now looking at these vouchers as a bonus - an excuse for a trip we would have never done otherwise.   When we were in Seattle in August, we picked up information about some great biking journeys in Washington and Oregon that we are now considering. . . .I think my bike is going to learn to fly.



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