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November 24, 2007

Just Beachy

Jen_nov_2007_005 For our Thanksgiving time this year we have been spending time at the beach - Fripp Island, South Carolina to be exact.  We have been coming here for Thanksgiving since before Jeff and I were married.  I don't have much to report because we have been doing NOTHING and having a great time at it.  We've been down at the beach where despite cool air and colder waters we couldn't dissuade the boys from playing in the ocean.  When they were little they somehow fell for our trick of saying "They said the ocean was closed."  (as if we personally consulted some Atlantic Ocean manager - they're on to our tricks now.)

We have also have had quite the game of beach football. I ended up being game photographer (which turned into instant replay official when a couple of calls were disputed).  Jen_nov_2007_026

A while back I was shocked to read that most Americans don't use all their paid vacation time each year.   The average American gets 14 days paid vacation a year and only uses 10 of them.  We aren't using 29% of our vacation time!!  I translate that into us all being 29% less relaxed.  Basically we are all getting a C minus in vacationing.  C'mon everyone, we can do better!

Jen_nov_2007_039 We are a family that firmly believes in vacationing.  We need time to relax and recharge in a different environment.  (I know - you say you relax - but paying your bills with a glass of wine doesn't really count).  A vacation doesn't have to be far off or exotic but it does need to give you time to do nothing or, alternatively do something that you enjoy and don't have time for in your regular grind. (Seriously, when else would I have the time to do a 1,000 piece puzzle??)

So, when planning your vacations for next year don't just be 71% relaxed and recharged, aim for a perfect 100%.  We do and it does wonders.  In fact, right now, we are just beachy. 


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