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November 28, 2007

The Freak Effect

Jen_boot_at_the_beach It's beyond a little strange.  It's beyond the odd coincidence.  It sometimes defies explanation.  In our house it's called The Freak Effect.  Let me explain.  When I told you about our time down at the beach in SC for Thanksgiving, I neglected to explain why I was forced to be the referee and game photographer in our beach football game.  It was not because I dislike football or can't keep up.  It was because of the lovely accessory pictured on my foot here.  It all started with a ten mile run (I know, in hindsight we might argue that right there was the problem).  I came home, took off my shoes, stretched and then went "OW!! Why does my foot hurt?"  I knew it right away.  It was The Freak Effect.  The Freak Effect is a little known mathematical postulate, originally described by Jeff.  It goes something like this:  If there is anything, ANYTHING, freaky, weird, strange or completely unlikely to happen in the realm of possibility, it will in fact seek me out and happen in a strange confluence of events to me and to me only.  (It's that last part that let's the rest of you out there in the normal world breathe a sigh of relief - this formula truly only applies to me - that's why it's not a well known theorem).

I know what you are thinking - "Jen, you must be exaggerating - that can't truly be true of you."  Oh contraire my unsuspecting blog readers.  Here are just a few fine examples from my life (don't worry this excludes cancer - that's a whole different ball of wax):

1) My local emergency room is probably still laughing about how a mother could possibly be cutting her toddler's fingernails and shoot a fingernail clipping into her eye and scratch her cornea (TRUE STORY). 

2) The fine print that comes enclosed with prescriptions where only .0005% people suffer from a side-effect?  Me.  Had to visit an emergency room in Seattle when I developed the "no one ever gets this but if you develop a rash as a result of this medication do not pass go and go straight to the emergency room" rash.

3)  When I was going through chemo the first time and was bald, I somehow fell down in my garage (while tripping over NOTHING) and sprained my ankle so badly I was on crutches for almost a month.  I must have scared all the neighbors while I crutched my way down, bald, to the kindergarten bus stop each day.

These are just a few examples of The Freak Effect.  So, today it will be a bone scan to determine the difference between a strained tendon or a stress fracture - we're rooting for the tendon thing.  The good thing is that, because of The Freak Effect, I have a lot of practice working around these things.  I'll keep you posted on the news and how we are going to work the off-season with this little change of plans.



Wow . . . and to think that only item #2 in your blog would have even made my "Top 10".

People out there, you have noooooooooooooooooo idea . . . .

Posted by: Jeff | Nov 28, 2007 12:43:17 PM


Don't know if you remember me, Our daughter Jennifer and you went to nursery school together and your Mom and I have keep in contact ever since. You even visited us in Calif when you where about 8 years old?
You are always in the back of my mind and wonder what's going on with you and glad to hear your doing better and
that freek thing follows us all our lives, I just had an eye operation and the said those drops won't bother you well the did but I know right away that, that was the problem.
So hope your Christmas with your family was great and
at least the boot kept you from maybe breaking a leg!
my love to you and your family,

Posted by: Darlene Jost | Jan 13, 2008 4:42:58 PM

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