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June 3, 2008

Breaking Point

1w2w_logo_2color_2  Apparently, $4 gas is the breaking point.  For weeks I have been talking "Go by Bike" with anyone who will listen - its a conversation starter when you walk around the drugstore, grocery store, library or train station with a bike helmet on your head.  Most people sort of give me the "oh, that's nice" look with the mental pat and proceed out the door to their monster-SUV for the 2 mile trip to their house.  But suddenly last week, when gas around here hit $4+/gallon, I heard people talking:

"Maybe I'll start riding my bike to work"

"I saw 5 people on bikes this morning"

"I think they carry their clothes and things in a bag on their back. . ."

Yesterday, I saved 71.4 miles off of my car odometer (okay, not all by bike).  I rode to/from the local library to return overdue books.  I rode to/from the train station and then used the train for my trip into Philadelphia.

People still seem perplexed when they see me shopping in my bike helmet but I can tell it's got them thinking. . .


PS.  I got to see  a man ride up to the train station on his fold-up bike and then easily carry it on to the train - very cool. . .

PPS.  Anyone ever tried to go through a drive through by bike?


Hmmm . . . I wonder if my wife would mind me stopping at McDonalds (or to pick up steak at the grocery store) if I had ridden there on my bike and gotten some exercise. You seem like a sane woman, what do you think? Could you give me some advice that may help me with my wife?

Posted by: Anonymous | Jun 3, 2008 1:08:40 PM

I've never gone through a drive thru on a bike, but I have gone through one on a horse. It was hard to reach down to the window to get my ice cream.

Posted by: Demo Ross | Jun 3, 2008 11:19:02 PM

Dear Anonymous (aka my husband),
I think you shouldn't press your luck on the McDonald's biz, bike or not. Get whatever you want at the grocery store when you go by bike, just don't forget the rest of the stuff on the list on the 'fridge. Bike happy :)
-Jen (aka your wife)

Posted by: Jen | Jun 4, 2008 8:49:51 AM

I would have loved to watch you do the ice cream via horse. I'm picturing the time I slowly slid out of a saddle sideways when I was a kid. Do you save the ice cream or yourself? I'm only curious because I know a lot of drive thru's won't let you "walk thru" but I've never heard any rules against biking. . . .

Posted by: Jen | Jun 4, 2008 8:51:38 AM

I've done banking on hte bike but... drive-thru food... not worth it :)

I've been contemplating the significant cultural shifts required to successfully transferring transportation to a bicycle.

People think about bicycling instead of driving - but then want to spend less than a hundred dollars on the bicycle, at a discount store. Now, would they buy a car at a "discount" used car place?
Likewise... oft they recall not the rigors of learnign to Drive In Traffic.

But... today riding down Race street I could see two other cyclists adn a CUMTD (mass transit) van... and one car.

The times are shifting a tad :D

Posted by: Sue | Jun 6, 2008 10:38:45 PM

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