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June 25, 2008

One Car, Eight Wheels

Img_2389_3 Last Friday night Cameron's 7-year-old All-Star baseball team (yes, there is actually such a thing - it was a surprise to us too) lost a heartbreaker of a game causing their elimination from the All-Star tournament.  This happened around 8 PM.  While the loss was disappointing, it set in motion a whole different set of emotions - mostly "Uh-Oh."  Our annual SC beach trip had already been postponed for a couple of days because of this tournament.  So, in keeping with the fact that my middle name could be changed to "procrastinate", I was really only partially ready to load down the car.

The back story you need here also has to do with the fact that since my car was new in November, I - again in keeping with the procrastination theme - had just the week before gotten the hitch installed on the car in order to mount our 4-bike carrier.  Getting that hitch in and of itself was an effort.  While I thought I could just call up a hitch place and say "Go for it" I instead spent a week of phone calls learning about stability, hitch receiving ends, adapters, pins, and frame cracking on cars.  More than once I was found to be sitting moaning, "How hard can it be to go by bike. .. I just want to move bikes from point A to point B." 

Okay, so now you know that hitch is new.  It's late and we're not packed and yet we've decided on the fly to leave early Saturday morning to do the 13 hour drive all in one day.  Let me just say that 4:30 in the morning is not the best time to have two sleep-deprived adults attempt to put 4 bikes on a bike rack - for the first time.  In fact I think that it could qualify as a reality show challenge (along with the "some assembly required" of most kids toys).  The kids have never been strong enough riders until now to warrant brining their bikes.  So, while we know how, in theory, to work our bike rack - it has never done more than two bikes up to this point.  After a few different tries about the order of the bikes and one saddle removal (done by me by flashlight), Jeff got it done (Equinox needs to go on first).  All I could think as we drove was that we had super-sized the Trek One World, Two Wheels program and become One Car, Eight Wheels.



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