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June 26, 2008

The Evil Plan

Each year we come down to the beach at Fripp Island, SC.  Two years ago we invited our close friends Ryan and Lynne with their two girls who are of similar age to our boys.  But then, they had to beg off when Lynne gave birth to their third girl (yikes #1) two months early (yikes #2) - some excuse!

Life and craziness got in the way last year but this year we all made it down together for some quality relaxation and playtime for our kids at the beach.  Originally, Jeff and I thought it would be a great way to have our friends be able to get away for some R&R and have our kids enjoy great beach memories together.

BUT, what developed in the past year was my evil plan. . . .(insert evil laugh here).  All I could dream of on the 13 hour car-ride down was that Ryan and Lynne were two nice warm responsible adult bodies.  Two adult bodies that could sit in the beach house no matter the time of day and be the "responsible parties" for our boys  (you know, while getting some R&R).  In the past year, because of my riding, I have been able to interest Jeff in riding.  He bought a bike.  I have a bike.  Trouble is we never are riding together.  Try as I might, I have yet to be able to convince any teenager in their right mind to come to our house at say 7 AM on a Saturday.  So, Jeff and I have been passing bikes in the night, if you will.

But, with two other adults captive in the same house with us there is nothing stopping us from riding together this week. . . .  (perhaps another evil laugh here. . . .)

Finally riding together,



i've got a babysitter for you....lives right in your neighborhood...let me know if you want the number

Posted by: Kristin | Jun 28, 2008 3:22:57 PM

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