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June 17, 2008

Tri Camp

P1000862_2On Saturday, Team Survivor held a triathlon camp where I was in charge of leading the beginner's bike group.  The day before I had spent considerable time planning a bike route with and then spent the evening dragging Brendan (bribed by ice cream) in the car scouting the route to make sure it was beginner appropriate - especially since I wasn't sure of the types of bikes and level of experience of the group I would have.

Due to the availability of the pool at the site for camp, the bike portion of the day ended up being around 2 PM.  It was a steamy, humid 95 degrees by then - my bike computer clocked in at a temp of 109, so we shortened the route.  I had 8 beginners in my group on a variety of bikes.  I have to say, I have a lot more respect for ride leaders now.  I wanted to make sure that everyone was doing well, had their questions answered, came away feeling more confident in their biking skills, and most importantly that I returned with 8 riders.

I think all goals were accomplished.  We returned with 8 riders, made some seat height adjustments, successfully talked through gear shifting for a few, did some clipless pedal practice, talked rules of road riding, bike training for the NY Metro Area Danskin race in September, made some brake adjustments and although sweaty, everyone returned in one piece.

Toward the end of the ride the intermediate/advanced group, led by Coach Tom, merged with our ride.  Tom took off at a sprint on one stretch and I found my body and bike poised to do the same - it was a huge mental victory to know that while I remain a medical mystery my body and mind still have racing instincts.

After the bike portion, Tom and I talked through transitioning with the group.  I made a smart-aleck remark at one point, after which I got myself in trouble when Tom challenged me to a "transition race" to see who could transition faster.  (Phew - got myself out of that one!)

It was a great day and I was glad to help.  I'm hoping that everyone came away feeling more confident about their bike skills and more prepared to tackle their first triathlon.  To me, being able to get groups of women together and say, "Yes, you can do this" is the power of Women Who Ride. . . .



You were a great group bike leader! The Team Survivor Tri-State ladies really appreciated your help and expertise. I hope you will continue to lead these women so that they, too, will become "women who ride"
Thanks again for helping out at tri camp!

Posted by: Ronni Arno Blaisdell | Jun 17, 2008 10:52:01 AM

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