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June 5, 2008

XTERRA lunch

100_0501 This is the story of cake and bicycling. . . but let's start at the beginning.  Yesterday I was getting together with Carla and Ronni for lunch.  We had a plan - it was a good plan right up until I inserted a bike into the mix.  The original idea was lunch in Lambertville, NJ - about 13 miles north and across the river from my house.  Ronni offered to pick up Carla.  I offered to meet Ronni at her house and we would all carpool.  Here's where I went awry. . .Ronni's house is about 6 miles directly upriver from my house, right on the canal.  So, I thought to myself, "Gee,I can combine Go By Bike and get in some training all at the same time by biking the canal to her house."

It had rained during the night and the humidity was hovering just under 100%.  No worries - the canal is hardpacked, quick draining and it was pretty dry out already.  I threw on a light rain jacket, packed an extra shirt and some flip-flops in a bag and headed out.

Problem #1 - I have yet to properly be able to calculate the amount of time needed by bike versus by car.  So, I was pedaling hard and annoyed because I also have yet to realize that I am never going to go as fast  by mountain bike as I do by the Equinox. 

I was already late and then I reached an impasse.  I won't call it a "classic impasse" because this is the kind of thing that only would happen to me.  What was this impasse?  A downed tree?  Large boulder blocking the path? No, it was Canadian Geese.  Six adult Canadian Geese blocked the canal path while guarding what looked to be about 15 baby geese.  These geese were not happy.  They came at me hissing and quite mad that I was disturbing the babies.  Now, perhaps I wouldn't have been that nervous EXCEPT for the fact that Ronni, who I ironically was trying to meet, actually had one of these geese attack her and her pants while out on an innocent run on the canal just last year.  [This type of thing is why Ronni and I can be such good friends - freaky-weird things happen to us].

I had no MacGyver-like solution so I called Ronni.  She said, "Where are you, I'll pick you up?"  I looked around.  Brush and woods blocked one side of the canal and wading through the canal and a canal-lock were on my other side.  I told her I would call back in 5 minutes while I thought it out.

I tried two more times to negotiate with the geese.  That was a no-go.  They didn't fall for my, "Hey, I'm a mom too - I mean no harm to your babies. . ."  I quickly turned around and pedaled back the way I came so I could find a bridge that would connect me down to the river where I could ride on the road.  At the first bridge I ended up dragging the bike up a muddy/rocky embankment to duck under the rails.  I then found it only connected to a gate blocking the path.

Back down the embankment, muddied, I pedaled to the next bridge.  Similar situation, shallower embankment.  I was muddy and soaked (remember the near 100% humidity).  I continued on and the next bridge was a road I knew for sure connected.  Once over the bridge I called Ronni and told her to not worry I was still on my way.

Three miles later, a wet and muddy me arrived at Ronni's.  I had packed a shirt but learned that what I should have packed was a towel.  I had the rain jacket on covering my bike jersey - that was really the only part of me, including my face, that didn't have mud.

I cleaned up, we picked up Carla and went to lunch.  And because of my XTERRA-like adventure in simply getting to lunch, I was RAVENOUS.  So, that is how we ended up getting 3 monster-sized desserts, one of which being a slice of the enormous seven layer chocolate cake. 

While I haven't ruled out doing an XTERRA triathlon, I'm thinking I want one that at least has a big chocolate cake at the end.


PS.  I'll still "go by bike" the next time I go to Ronni's, but next time I'm taking the Equinox!!


AWESOME! That pretty much describes our day PERFECTLY! As a victim of "goose violence", I think you did the right thing by not biking through their happy little flock. So, when can we do it again? (minus the seven layer cake... my stomach is still recovering!) ;)

Posted by: Ronni | Jun 5, 2008 5:39:30 PM


You crazy woman you! I admire your get up and go! Glad you didn't end up goose dinner.

Still riding my new bike, love the socks! Thank You!

Having trouble getting past 5 miles. Everyone I talk to says I am in to high a gear and need to pedal more. Tim at Brick Wheels says I should be able to ride an hour without getting tired! Yeah right. Keep away from animals and keep that energy level where it's at and you will be fine.

Take care, Julie

Posted by: Julie Umlor | Jun 8, 2008 3:25:51 PM

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