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September 23, 2008

What Women Want

What women want - what a totally loaded blog title.  I know, your minds are already reeling so let me give you some focus.  Today, Scott, the owner of Bucks County Bicycle will head to Las Vegas for Interbike.  Interbike is North America's largest bike trade show.  If it's part of the biking world it will be at Interbike.   Scott will be looking at all the latest and greatest in the cycling world, from bikes to clothes and all the parts in between.  He will be making decisions that will affect what is stocked in the store for the coming year. 

Okay, so what does that have to do with what women want?  Well, I've already told Scott he needs to think and shop like a woman if he wants to become a store that is woman friendly and can cater to the woman's cycling world.  Women look for different things, shop differently and expect stores to be friendly to them.  How many times have you gone to a store and immediately made a snap judgment based on the look or layout of the store.  So, my job here (or at least I've decided it will be) - to be outspoken about how to create a woman-friendly bike store.   Anyway, here's your chance to have a say. . .   What types of products, tri or otherwise, clothing or gear do you wish the "perfect woman-friendly bike shop" would have?  We all know that there aren't local tri-specific retailers on every corner - make that hardly any corners - so we are all used to the Internet shopping game for our gadgets, gear and a lot of times clothes (how horrendous is that when you have to order a bunch of stuff based on a size chart and then do the frustrating "try on, send back" game).

So, ladies, have your say.  Close your eyes and imagine your perfect bike/tri store. . . .  What do you want?  From little to big, to colors or designs, tell me what you want. . .


PS.  I'll be passing the comments on to Scott - especially as he will be figuring out what clothes to stock for the coming year.


Hey there,
Tell Scott to meet the ladies from Bella Bikes in Maryland. In a pretty small space attached to a larger Trek store, they've managed to carve out a light, friendly WSD-land.

For me the things I want in a shopping experience --
1) I want you to acknowledge thru signage or whatever that I'm an important customer to you.

2) I want clothes that fit -- I don't want to feel bad that I'm not a skinny minny

3) I want clothes/gear that is fun but not girly in a patronizing way -- cool patterns and colors that match other stuff(socks, gloves, bags, water bottles)

4) I want sales and sales racks

5) I want to like you and like your store -- play some tunes, put out some samples of cliff bars or taste tests of energy drinks or whatever.

6) Have an air pump that I can stop by fill up my tires - give me a reason to come to your store even if I may not be buying something at that moment. If I like you, I will remember that for future purchases and will tell my friends.

Posted by: Laura | Sep 23, 2008 2:45:05 PM

Tell him that the world is not one skinny size fits all. Tell him it would be nice if he stocks some plus size clothing so that we "full figured" women don't have to order those online.

Posted by: Rhonda | Sep 23, 2008 6:11:03 PM

Hi Jen:

Tell Scott and everyone you know that us short women like carbon fiber and Dura Ace just like the big boys. I am 4'11" and have a heck of a time getting a TREK (the only brand I love) to fit me and have all the goodies. I would really love to have a Madone, shaped like the Men's Madone in Carbon Fiber with Mavic Rims and Dura Ace components. Why should the men and the tall get all the fun toys???

Keep on Pedlin',


Posted by: Cara | Sep 23, 2008 7:50:03 PM

Ditto on bike and accessories for small size females. I am always discouraged when I shop for my petite size at bike stores. I want that nice carbon bike too and the warm leggings but they are too long and too tall for me. I spent a whole year researching bikes my size only to settle for the available lower end road trek that was available in my size to try at a store 200 miles away from my home! Please get bike leggings and bikes for short females.

Posted by: Rouneh | Sep 24, 2008 7:38:15 AM

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