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October 28, 2008

All The Signs Are There

Snowflake-01 I was at a school meeting yesterday evening.  When I left and walked through the dimly lit parking lot I didn't immediately notice the slightly damp pavement.  What I did notice was the smell in the air.  For some reason my mind immediately went to the thought, "Why does it smell like snow?"  Once I got in the car I noticed my wet windshield and the light mist that had started but still, I was convinced that I smelled snow not rain.

Last week, I found myself getting out of bed each morning to frosty air and started adding layers in the darkness before heading downstairs to the coffee machine.  The thermostat suddenly dipped to 58, causing me to grudgingly fire up the heater.

Once I was home, I logged on to the computer to check the weather forecast and the computer reminded me that Daylight Savings Time is this weekend - (hello, dark, dark, dark).

I went to bed and woke up this morning to cold, sleet-y, windy rain.  I don't mind riding or running in a light rain but this was cold enough to force me onto the treadmill - oh how I hate the treadmill.

All the signs are there.  I've been ignoring them until late morning yesterday when huge snowflakes began falling fast and furious.    I only felt a moments vindication that my nose knew there was snow somewhere - then considered that the bikes displayed outdoors at work were quickly gaining a layer of snow and ice.  I had been ignoring the calendar, the increasingly bare trees and the jacket I was adding before walking the boys to the bus stop each morning, because I was still able to get out and ride and run sometime each day.  But now I need to face facts, the days of dark mornings and quickly darkening evenings are here.  It's quickly coming to the time where I need to get out my CycleOps bike trainer, consult the gym spin schedule and move the training indoors.   Each year I've been extending my outdoor season.  Perhaps I'm becoming used to the cold or each year I'm becoming more stubborn about relinquishing my outdoor rides and runs.  How long can you still ride outdoors?  Perhaps the better question is how many layers do you need before you are forced inside?

I've got some interesting plans for more outdoor riding in the next few weeks though so stay tuned. . .



I hear ya! I finally caved and turned the heat on this morning when the thermostat said it was 59 degrees in the house and the cat was shivering and giving me dirty looks.

I don't mind the cold as much as the wind. It sliced right through me on my commute in this morning.

Have a good one! Laura

Posted by: Laura | Oct 29, 2008 9:25:55 AM

I hear you on the wind. . .I just walked in from a very windy 15 miler. I dressed appropriately for the temp but somehow I always fail at factoring in wind chill.

What happens to your cold and windy commute once the time change hits - do you abandon or light yourself up like a Christmas tree?


Posted by: Jen | Oct 29, 2008 11:15:14 AM

You should move to TX. It's suppose to be 81 degrees today. There's a cold front moving in next week and it's suppose to get down to 75. I'm planning on doing the Turkey Roll Bicycle Rally Nov 22nd since I'm pretty sure it will still be descent. Atleast I hope so now that I've bragged!

Posted by: everhark | Oct 31, 2008 8:18:27 AM

Now you're asking for it - you go and brag what the temp is going to be you're suddenly going to get bad weather! :)

I think what I really need is to just move around the country to wherever the weather is best depending on the season. . . . Maybe when I win the lottery!


Posted by: Jen | Oct 31, 2008 10:13:56 AM

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