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February 13, 2009

"Training" with the Pros

Sister Buder_edited Late last week I had the fabulous opportunity to meet and hear 78-year young Ironman (or Ironwoman, as she would say) triathlete Sister Madonna Buder speak.  Our local hospital brought Sister Buder to speak on being active as a way to reduce cardiovascular disease.  It was all part of their participation in the American Heart Association's campaign, "Go Red for Women."  At 78, with over 300 triathlons (34 of them Ironman distance) and 4 Boston marathons to her credit, Sister Buder certainly is an inspiration and testament to leading an active life - and a woman who can tell some crazy training stories (think a training ride, gravel and trying to make it to mass on time.)   She is also humble as humble can be - perfect for a group that is looking for some encouragment to be active.  Sister Buder encouraged taking a walk right up there with completing an Ironman triathlon.  After her talk I was able to meet Sister Buder and talk training - we ended up laughing and agreeing on one fact:  Some people view training as something crazy and wonder "How can you do that?"  We, on the other hand, end up wondering how we could ever possible NOT train - it's just part of who we are now and we feel better and are better people for doing it.

So far, in the past year, I've come to "train" (aka meet and chat with), Olympic swimmer Eric Shanteau, amazing cyclist Selene Yeager (Fitchick at Bicycling Magazine and Ironman herself), and now Sister Buder.  These are  just the few amazing athletes (and this includes many of you out there who I haven't actually "met") - pro or amateur - that I've met over the past two years who have taught me something about training or racing.  Two things come to mind when I realize the amazing talent I've had the opportunity to come in contact with - 1) Wow! I can't think of other professional sports where I would have these types of opportunities to get training tips straight from the pros (because, while I will still hold out hope, I don't think I will be hagin' with Derek Jeter of the NY Yankees anytime soon - although if anyone has a ny connections, by all means let me know)  and 2) If only a little of their talent can rub off on me or if I can perform some kind of osmotic-like training from meeting them then I should be all set for this season. . .



So coool Jen--just a little has to rub off--Lori

Posted by: lori | Feb 13, 2009 7:52:49 PM

Incredible opportunity and people!

Posted by: Nancy | Feb 18, 2009 10:03:10 PM

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