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March 16, 2009

See One. Do One. Teach One.

012 For anyone who is or has ever been a fan of medical TV shows, you are probably familiar with the phrase, See one. Do one. Teach one. Well, if medical professionals can use it, why can't fitness instructors?

A week or so ago I faced the challenge of teaching my first spinning class.

See One:  I've been to probably at least a good hundred spin class - some good, some fabulous, some tragically awful, and some where I thought the instructor must be from another planet. 

Do One:  Ditto with the See One.  I know what I like in an instructor.  Good balance between encouragement and letting me sweat up the hill without talking my ear off.  Reminders when I'm getting sloppy on my form.  Good music that pumps me up.  And the intangible - the sweaty spent feeling of a great workout that somehow leaves me  MORE energized for the rest of the day, despite that searing burn in my quads not 5 minutes ago.

Teach One:  Much, much trickier.  It's one thing to spend all the time on the other side of the bike, mentally making those notes, "if I were the instructor I would/wouldn't do that. . . "   The problem is that those amazing instructors make everything look so easy and effortless that you take for granted the work that it really is.  A late afternoon class meant spending the day listening to my music, stressed that I wasn't going to get the timing right and that I would do everything short of falling off the bike.  I used my kids as my confessional after school pick-up and on the way to the gym.  Cameron's quick answer, "Mom, a lot of these people are your friends, right?  Well, they're not going to tell you if you're doing a bad job. . . "  Fair point - score a comfort-mom point for the 8-year old.  They spent the rest of the ride composing a highly technical rating system that could be used to judge my performance (as well as rate the music played).  I think it was akin to using a telephone poll, the evening post-class:

"Hello.  We would like to have you complete a short survey regarding your spin class experience this afternoon.  To proceed in English, press 1.  Para Espanol, numero dos.  Using the following numbers on your touch-tone phone, please rate our mom's ability as a spin instructor.  Press 1, if you liked the class, thought she was a decent instructor and will return again.  Press 2 if the class was so bad, you hope to never run into her in the grocery store, post office, or bank.  Press 3 if you are her friend and would like us to just let her down easy.  We thank you for helping us deal with our neurotic mom.  Good-bye.  Click."

Class went well for me.  I was able to work the music, know the routine, and even work the timing for some jumps.  Everyone was sweating at the end but seemed energized.  Just how I like an instructor to make me feel.



Way to go Jen!!!

Posted by: Laura | Mar 20, 2009 8:59:50 AM

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