Trek Women
August 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Trek Women!

Laura_maclean2 When I woke up this morning, it felt like it was my birthday. You know that feeling you had as a kid of utter anticipation and sheer happiness, knowing it was your special day and that hopefully a big, pretty, wrapped present with a big old bow had your name on it.

I’ve got that feeling because today Trek Women is born and my gift is to be a part of this inspiring community of bikers. And, since it’s an official birthday rule, I get to make a wish and I’ll even tell you what it is… my wish is for each us to enjoy the simple pleasures of a breeze past our cheeks and the comforting “whirrrr” sound of our spinning wheels as we ride life’s path toward fulfilling all of our hopes and dreams. Now, let’s put our birthday girl tiaras on, play a round of musical chairs, blow out the candle, eat just the icing off the cake and celebrate. Happy birthday to you Trek Women and many more!


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