Trek Women
August 31, 2007

The world is your fan club...

Tdf_rider1 Like a lot of cycling fans out there, I watched this year's Tour de France and rooted for the Discovery Channel Team riding the all new Trek Madones!

As the cyclists sped through the stages, you could see the fans lined up along the road to cheer on their favorites. And, it made me think back to when I began my weight loss journey.

As I've mentioned before, I hadn’t exercised in years. But, I knew physical activity was going to be critical for me to lose weight. I had to start somewhere and so I began walking in my neighborhood and joined a gym. 

Before_2_2I was petrified and spent a lot of time worrying about what other people must be thinking about me. “Ugh, look at the sweaty, slow, fat girl. Disgusting! She should just give up and never wear spandex anything again.” Or, at the gym, I would look around and know that I was the biggest person in there.

The light bulb went off, duh, why was I making it that much harder on myself. Who cares what other people think, what matters is how you feel about yourself.

And then, I took it one step further… I imagined that folks I passed on the street or saw at the gym were now my #1 fan club! In my new and improved internal conversation, they were saying things like, “Look at her go! You can do it!”

Now, whenever I see people of all sizes and shapes out there exercising, I always give them a mental cheer, “Way to go! You’re doing it!”

Try it and make the world your fan club. If all else fails, go with the old stand-by… picture all those would-be naysayers in their underwear.


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