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September 19, 2007

NYC on the “LOOK” out…

Look_ad I’m giving a Way-2-Go Wheelie to the New York City Department of Transportation, the New York City Bicycle Coalition, cycling advocates and AAA for rolling out a new advertising campaign yesterday called “LOOK” to raise awareness among drivers and cyclists to pay attention to the other in traffic, share the road and obey traffic signals and signs. The campaign -- the first-ever, city-wide effort to reduce collisions -- includes ads on bus shelters, buses, taxi tops and phone booths as well as radio spots, a web site, posters, postcards, t-shirts and more. The ads feature compelling photos that use white-striped bicycle lanes to imply what could happen when people don't respect rights of way. Way to go NYC!!!

Safety is a two-way street, wherever you live. Motorists need to be on the look-out for bikers and stop trying to run us off the road so you can get to the next intersection 10 seconds faster. Bikers, we need to respect traffic laws and stop weaving in and out of cars, blowing through lights, etc. Let's make make cycling safer for everybody. 

P.S. What’s a Way-2-Go Wheelie you ask? I just created it as a way to recognize people who are doing great things for all of us bikers out there. Want to nominate someone or a group for a W2GW? Send me a comment and I’ll respond back to you.


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