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September 10, 2007

Solo Sunday...

Tidal_basin Most Sundays, Russ, Wayne and I ride 40 miles, give or take, on one the local paths here in DC. Yesterday, I was on my own. I don’t worry about cycling solo since I make sure to take some essentials with me -– a repair kit, mini-pump, cell phone, multi-tool, a few bucks cash, driver’s license, credit card, energy bar/gel, and a couple of water bottles. Most of the items fit right in my seat pack or a back jersey pocket.

The weather was cranky, hot and humid, and I wasn’t in the mood to weave around traffic, families and other bikers on my usual routes. I decided that instead of going for a long ride, I’d bike down to the Potomac River to a place called Hains Point near the Tidal Basin (where the cherry blossom trees are - see photo) and interval train. Hains Point is the lunchtime playground for local cycling teams to do rotating paceline work. It’s basically a three-mile loop that’s as flat as pancake.

I wasn’t into it when I left the house. I made a pact with myself to go for at least half an hour, then I could call it a day. On my first time around the loop, I focused on finding the rhythm of the ride, moving the air through my lungs, and relaxing my mind. On the second loop, I started pushing my pace. By the third, my inner speed demon appeared and I found myself passing people.  On the fourth, I got passed -- she was really good. I went one more time around, then headed for home. In the end, I rode for 90 minutes and had an unexpectedly nice work out.

I missed the guys; but, sometimes different turn outs good.

P.S. Cycling solo? Be safe and prepare yourself: take your biking essentials, plan your route and let someone know you're going out.  Enjoy the ride!


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