Trek Women
October 26, 2007


Uncao_kitty I got the flu. I hate being sick. Yesterday, I made it to the office then turned around and went back home to bed. The worst part, I didn’t even get the bug that takes away your appetite. I’m dizzy, achy, cranky and hungry. Not fair. Good news is (1) spent some quality time snoozing with our cat, Uncao, see photo; (2) I’m caught up on back episodes of 30 Rock; and (3) had enough lite whole wheat bread and fat-free American slices to make a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.

Today, I’m back at my desk, trying not to exhale germ bombs on everybody. That’s how it goes when your sick leave and vacation hours come out of the same pot. I can’t spare an hour with all the travels I’ve got coming up. Hopefully, I’ll feel up to riding this weekend –- don’t want to miss out if the weather’s nice. I’ll just take it easy.  And if not, cat naps and comfort food sounds pretty good too.


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