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October 19, 2007

Goldilocks in dating hell...

Man_roses First off, I owe you all an apology for so blithely exclaiming in an earlier blog that I will now paraphrase -– hey everybody, I am now “putting myself out there” and of course eligible bachelors will flock to me like blue hairs to an early bird special… like seagulls to a boardwalk french fry… like ants to a disco picnic*…

Proclaiming that I’m in the dating market is not the same thing as actually getting dates. There has been no flocking, no flirting, no nothing. So, I decided to take action by signing up for “An Evening of Four Minute Dating for Travel Lovers.” Perfect, right –- already a shared interest.

I felt like Goldilocks in dating hell. A couple were too old, some way too young, a few were dripping with crazy, and one was afraid to fly. I never knew four minutes could last so long. In truth, there were guys there that I thought, hmmm, maybe. But alas, no date connections were made that night. It was good practice though and I give myself points for doing it.

Some day, I believe it, this Goldilocks will find her just right.

*I don’t know what a disco picnic is, but it sounded funny to me. Also, no offense if you have blue hair and like early bird specials.


No offense taken; just kidding. Those four minute dates are crazy and will at least give you good material for your blog. That guy will pop up when you least expect him to. Just do your thing, do it well and he will show up.


Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Oct 19, 2007 7:52:21 PM

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