Trek Women
October 18, 2007

What you eat in Europe, stays in Europe…

Pylsur1 Russ and I have this pact -– as soon as the airplane leaves the ground for another country, we can eat whatever we want guilt-free. That doesn’t mean we stuff our pockets with peanut M&Ms and commence a non-stop pig-out during the “your seat can be used as a flotation device” spiel. Nope, what it means is that we acknowledge the consequences of our actions up front and accept that we may have to wear our fat pants for a few days.

Now, when we were in Iceland, we ate a lot of hot dogs –- a twice-a-day amount of them. (A) they’re tasty; (B) they’re the cheapest grub in town; and (C) they’re even tastier at 1 a.m. I travel to experience new cultures and cuisines, not spend my time hunting down fat-free yogurt and baby carrots. If I want an afternoon gelato in Florence or a chocolate-covered waffle in Belgium, I savor it.  It’s not processed junk and we walk everywhere to help balance things out. But, when the wheels touch down in the old US of A, we go right back to our usual healthy eating and exercise habits. Pronto. Then we put away the fat pants until the next trip.

The pact works. Though one time Russ was on a road trip and called me from a Golden Corral Restaurant to ask if West Virginia was considered another country. I told him the last time I checked it hadn’t ceded from the Union and to back away from the buffet.


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