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November 26, 2007

Back in time...

Trek_rider2_110 There’s something I need to tell you about my trip to Plymouth, Mass (home of THE rock) to spend Thanksgiving with my Aunt Beth. It’s nerdy; but, it’s tradition. I dress up as a Pilgrim on Thanksgiving morning. There, I said it.

This past Thursday, was the fourth time I’ve participated in the town’s annual Pilgrim’s Progress, where approximately 40 people representing the men, women and children who survived the first harsh winters in the New World colony walk from the Mayflower Society House, past THE rock, and up to Burial Hill to give thanks.

Pilgrim_crop I stood as Gilbert Winslow, age 21, who lived for a few years in the colony, then packed it in and went back to England. My first parade, I was John Billington, the first murderer in the colony who got hanged. Usually, my sisters and bro-in-law, Steve, and now my nephew Paddy join the Progress too; unfortunately, they weren’t able to make the trip this year. As a Mayflower descendent, I like being part of this Thanksgiving tradition. For me, it’s a moment to reflect on history, on freedom and on my place in time.

And, there’s always the hope that next year, I’ll get to be a woman.


Wish we had been there this year with you. You look really good in the hat!

Posted by: Becky | Nov 26, 2007 2:47:11 PM

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