Trek Women
November 7, 2007

Overstock rocks...

Jen_and_i That’s what my sister Jen says. She’s an junkie. The site is based on economics 101 –- what do you do when the supply is greater than the original demand? Send it to Overstock. A few nights ago, Jen and I were trying to think of other things with greater supply than demand. Blemishes and bellyaches were on her list. I went with movies starring Keanu Reeves.

When you think about it, Overstock turns an “oops” (too much product) into an “oh yeah” (more stuff for Jen at low, low prices). I guess my story is like that -– I turned an oversupply of weight into an “oh yeah” opportunity as a Trek Woman. Economics rocks.

P.S. Sorry Keanu if you’re reading this, you’re cute, but you lost me after Speed… though you get credit for the first Matrix.


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