Trek Women
November 5, 2007

The accidental duathlon...

PumasAlways be prepared. Isn’t that the golden rule for Boy Scouts and bikers? Yesterday, we were bad little troopers because we set off on our Sunday spin without a tire repair kit among us. Russ, Wayne, Bill and I decided to do something different than a typical weekend road ride. We borrowed four new mountain bikes from the Marine Barracks and went in search of some dirt in Rock Creek Park. We’re zooming along the trail when we realize Bill had dropped back. We stop and he catches up, “Hey, I’ve got a flat.”

Uh oh. Now I know exactly where my repair kit is, strapped to my Trek at home. The guys, ditto. If we’d had a stick of gum and a straw, I was willing to give it the old MacGyver try, but no such luck. We started hoofing it and about a quarter of a mile later, arrive at a ranger station, hoping they would have a pump and patches given the huge number of cyclists that use the park. Nope. I remembered a Trek shop in the area and the ranger tells us that it’s about two miles up the road.

As luck would have it, we hadn't changed out our pedals, and I was riding in a pair of Puma sneakers, not clips. What can I say, the shoes matched my cute Trek bike jacket; the one I'm wearing in my bio photo. Anyway, I wanted to get back on the trail, not trudge, so I volunteered to run (okay, jog) with the busted bike. I got some pretty odd stares from other passing cyclists. Wayne said “It’s because you’re hot, girl.” Uh huh. I was hot because I was pushing the equivalent of a sofabed uphill.

The guys kept asking if I wanted to switch. But, I was in the “zone” despite the pedal frequently spinning back to whack me in the shin. I am strong, a woman who rides, an Amazon, I didn’t need no stinking padded running shoes to finish this accidental duathlon. It wasn’t until we reached The Bicycle Place and they fixed the flat tire, that my feet started to hurt. Ouch.

Take it from me and my tootsies… a tire repair kit, never leave home without it.


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