Trek Women
December 7, 2007

Mini me...

Mini_quiche Mini quiches… I adore you. Mini cheesecakes… I dream about you. Mini hot dogs in grape jelly-based sweet and sour sauce… I don't like you that much, but I will devour you when the mini meatballs are no more. ‘Tis the season of good cheer and good eats and this weekend, holiday soirees get into full swing.

You might ask, Laura, after a party or two, don’t you get sick of eating artichoke dips, hot wings, pizza bites, all the same old miniaturized food. And the answer to that is no. I could stuff myself so full of baby cheese balls, I’d make a Wisconsin dairy farmer a millionaire. I love to eat, that’s my issue, especially in situations where I don’t know a lot of people. I shovel food in my mouth so that I’m not embarrassed when I can’t remember your name (I’m so bad at that). Or, when the host or hostess says, “I made this especially for you.” Sound familiar?

The key to facing potato skin pushers is to have a plan. Here are a couple of my favorite survival strategies and some we came up with at a recent Weight Watchers meeting:

#1 Work out the day of the party. Burn some calories and feel fabulous putting on your swanky outfit. Exercising also helps reduce my appetite.

#2 Plan your favorite work out for the day after the party. I’m less likely to overindulge if I know I’m going to get up the next morning and do a boot camp class or go for a good ride.

# 3 Don’t stand near the food. Duh, right. But, so many parties end up in the kitchen, it’s easy to start snacking on whatever’s in there.

#4 At cocktail parties, eat with your opposite hand. If you’re a rightie, put the plate/napkin in your right hand and pick up food with your left. It should feel weird and slow you down. (I think I’m an ambidextrous eater because this one doesn’t do much for me –- but give it a try.)

#5 Bring something you can eat. It might be hard to do at your official work party; but, if you’re going to someone’s house, bring a healthy, low-fat dish that won’t blow your diet. I make mean mini apple strudels.

#6 Alternate alcoholic drinks (wine, beer, etc.) with water or diet soda to cut down on calories and prevent you from doing something stupid that may involve falling down or flashing. And for the love of St. Nick, NEVER EVER drink and drive.

#7 Eat before you go. A lot of people say this works. I tend to end up eating twice as much. However, I’ll have a bag of 94% fat free popcorn to take the edge off.

#8 Survey the landscape. Before loading up your plate at the buffet, put your hands behind your back and walk around it. See what’s there and save room for the really good stuff.

#9 Fill up on fruit and veggies, hold the dip. Boring, but your bootie will thank you later.

#10 If the host/hostess has made you something special, have a taste. Enjoy it. Just don’t run to the garage with the entire platter and devour it by yourself. Take a friend.

Just kidding. Party on Trek people!


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