Trek Women
December 26, 2007

No long underwear needed...

Europa_097See my sis, Jen. See Jen freezing her butt off in Budapest, Hungary during our last New Year’s trip. Well, actually we did New Year’s Eve in Vienna, Austria waltzing in front of the Rathaus at midnight to the strains of the Blue Danube -– then we went to Budapest. Both cities are incredible and incredibly cold when you’re outside sightseeing. This year, we got smart. We’re going to Athens, GREECE!!!!! Today!!!! And we won’t need long underwear!!!

Although I am excited to visit a new country, I’m also sad because Russ and Wayne aren’t able to make the trip. Russ has a family emergency and my thoughts and heart are with them right now.

But, Jen and I will try to make the best of it and drink enough ouzo for all. I want to break some plates and yell "Opa!!!" Anyway, we get back on January 3 unless I meet a Greek shipping magnate who whisks me off to his private island and showers me with Trek Madones (hahaha). So until then, dear readers, have a Happy New Year!!!



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