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December 11, 2007

Ode to the tour guide...

Little_lola_biker When I was a little girl, I wanted to grow up to be a Washington, DC tour guide. Though I was raised in Chicago, we came to DC twice a year for Christmas and over the summer to visit my Aunt Beth who lived in the area at the time. I thought tour guides were super smart because they talked about history all day long. They walked the halls of the White House, the Capitol, Mount Vernon, Monticello, Smithsonian (“we’re walking, we’re walking, and we’re stopping”*)… and, they got to talk into a microphone, which meant they must be really important. When I think about it, tour guides are probably the main reason why I live on the Hill today. Through their stories, I fell in love with this city.

Yesterday, I received an email from Trek Travel that took me right back to my childhood dream. They’re hiring Guides for 2008. Oh, to be a Trek guide! I could just imagine sharing my passions for cycling and exploring with the travelers, helping them enjoy the adventure of a lifetime. We could go to the best spot to watch the sunset over Florence or to the neighborhood pub in Prague with the great dumplings. I wish -- but I’m not sure how I could manage it with my life.

But, if you’re energetic and organized with exceptional customer service and hosting skills, and maybe you’re looking for a new career opportunity, check out this Trek Travel Guide Packet. It describes the unique qualities, skills and spirit Trek guides bring with them on every trip along with the more nitty gritty benefits, schedules, questions, etc. The deadline to apply is Dec 31, 2007 so act fast. Good luck! I’m so jealous!!!

*Name that movie quote… The American President


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