Trek Women
December 19, 2007

Watch out for the she-beast...

Number_1_2There's a new, bonafide beast-ess in town and her name is Laura. Guess what I did on Sunday? I got certified to teach indoor cycling and now I'll be the new instructor barking orders at the Marines. Whoo Hoo!! I'll be teaching two mornings a week at the Marine Barracks starting January 8. I can’t wait to unleash my inner drill sergeant cause we're gonna ride hard.

There were five of us taking the certification class and it was interesting how differently we consider indoor cycling. I've always thought of spin as an extension of my cycling training. I started doing it in the first place because bad weather would keep me off the roads or I needed some more miles on my legs or I wanted extra hill climbs. I set my spin bike up as closely as possible to my Trek road bike so that it works my muscles the same. The others on Sunday weren't riders and they approached spinning as another type of cardio workout like kickboxing or aerobics. I really learned a lot from them about the business-side of fitness, which I hadn't given much thought to before. I think the most important lesson I learned is how to take my training experiences outside and apply them in the gym. This is going to be fun (she says with a maniacal gleam in her eyes)!!


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