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January 10, 2008

America’s front yard needs help…

National_mall Today, I intended to tell you some stories about Athens; but I received an e-mail alert from the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA), our local bike advocacy organization, that the National Park Service (NPS) is seeking comments on proposed alternatives for the future of the National Mall and we need to make sure that it will be one that is more bike and pedestrian friendly. Heck, Greece isn’t going anywhere, right.

The Mall aka “America’s Front Yard” stretches from the Capitol along the Smithsonian Museums, past the Washington to the Lincoln Memorial. Having come close many a time to being clothes-lined by car doors riding down the Mall, input from local cyclists and bikers everywhere can help ensure safe roads for everyone. It’s your front yard too!

Recently, the NPS conducted a study for the Mall that pretty much ignored the needs of cyclists including bike commuters and leisure riders. NPS has proposed three alternatives and we’re rooting for Alternative C, which offers the best improvements including:

1) Creating separated routes for cyclists and pedestrians

2) Upgrading the surfaces of the existing paths along the Mall

3) Improving connections between the Mall and Rock Creek and East Potomac Parks, and the southwest waterfront (YEAH!!!)

WABA also wants NPS to make the following additions to the plan:
1) Add more bike parking
2) Stripe bike lanes on Madison and Jefferson Drives, which front many of the museums on the Mall
3) Mandate valet bike parking at all major Mall events
4) Install bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave (Dangerous, Russ got sideswiped riding here)

Read more about the alternatives at
Log your comments at
Thanks for your help!!!


I visited DC over the summer, and it would be great to see all those improvements. Especially the one about upgrading the existing surfaces of the paths along the mall. They are so dry that dust goes everywhere, even when you are just walking on them. Go WABA and Alternative C!

Posted by: Stephanie Brodegard | Jan 13, 2008 7:27:02 PM

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