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January 14, 2008

I'll be dipped...

BobkeSomewhere under all that hair resides Bob Roll… the Bob Roll… the object of my not-quite-though-potential-stalker’ish affection. Bobke is sitting across the table from me drinking a Pilsner Urqull. I try not to stare. Is my mouth hanging open?

If you’ve never watched him on the Versus cable network dishing the best cycling commentary around or read his book Bobke II, you know not of whom I crush. Bob Roll's writing reminds me of Tom Robbins after a 4-day green chili bender. He eats words and spews them out in gut-busting convolutions. He'll stick with you, whether you like it or not.

I just made an idiotic joke and the Bob Roll laughed. I’ll be “dipped” as the man slugging the cold one across from me would say. His eyes crinkle at the corners, his chuckle is up to no good. I want to make him laugh again. Who let me in here?

I love Trek, I really do, because they flew me out to Denver to be a part of “Pro Night” this past Saturday at Wheat Ridge Cyclery, Colorado’s largest single bike shop. The shop is owned and operated by former 7-Eleven pro, Ron Kiefel, a 7-time Tour de France competitor and the first American to ever win a stage in the Giro. He’s a big, friendly, bear of a guy. The 500-strong crowd in attendance clearly adores him.

Ron has invited a host of current and former pros to be part of the evening including Tom Danielson of Team Slipstream, formerly with Team Discovery; Alison Dunlap, MTB goddess and World Champion (check out on the article on her in this month’s Outside magazine); Danny Summerhill, the 18-year-old Junior Worlds Cyclo-cross champ -- that's his cute self in the photo above too; MTB pioneer, Tom Ritchey; and Ned Overend, 6-time NORBA MTB Champion/2-time EXTERRA World Champion. Bob Roll and Michael Aisner, Coors Classic promoter, served as emcees. I have a feeling Bob may be holding back, there's tons of kids here too, all proudly wearing their cycling jerseys.

I’m hanging with the Trek crew: Larry Young, the awesomely cool regional rep for Wheat Ridge; “Fit for Women” demo girls, Chris and Tori; “Ride the Best” demo dude, Josh; Chris Grande, also a rep and crazily enough, we know each other from college; and Al Clark, who reps Bontrager components.

Al introduces me to his old friend, Ned Overend (!), as one of the Trek Women Who Ride. Ned tells me that his wife is now training for her first bike race. Welcome to the club, Ms. O!!! Ned and Al also give me advice on competing in EXTERRA triathlons. Guess what I’ll be training for this summer.

At the Trek display, we’ve got one of the new Team Astana Madones and a team uniform. The bike weighs 14.6 ounces or so, which I bet is less than a breakfast burrito. We get a steady stream of folks coming over to run a hand over the top tube. I know how they feel. It’s wild to even get the chance to touch a small part of the pro cycling world, let alone be lucky enough to down a beer with Bobke afterwards. I may be a newbie who can’t quite pull off saying the word “gnarley,” but being a Trek chick rocks.

*Sorry, my photos are a little blurry. My camera isn’t so good in low light.


Sounds like it was a great event! A lot of name dropping going on in that post: how cool is that?!? Your description of Bob Roll's writing makes me want to check him out - "Tom Robbins after a 4-day green chili bender" has to be something to experience.

Posted by: Becky | Jan 15, 2008 9:38:59 PM

I don't know whether to be totally happy for you or weep uncontrollably because I wasn't there! You dog! I am so jealous! Bob Roll!!!!! I can only hope that I too have the chance of meeting him someday. Ah yes, the perks of being a Women Who Rides!!! I guess I'll live vicariously through you!

Posted by: Susan | Jan 16, 2008 8:35:27 AM

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