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January 7, 2008

Imagine that...

AcropolisHappy 2008 everybody!!

Well, I'm not quite home yet from New Year's in Athens, Greece, but I was missing you all (awwww) and itching to write. My sis, Jen, can attest to it, we must have come up with a hundred different titles for blogs to describe our trip.  So I thought I'd start with an entry called "Imagine that..." for two reasons. (1) I won't be able to share photos until I get home tomorrow and upload them; and (2) visiting Greece requires a lot of imagination.

Here's the thing about Europe that's different than the US -- places actually close on holidays. What I hadn't anticipated in Greece was that everything would pretty much be closed the entire time we were there. The historical sites were open for short windows of time during the day, and that was about it. 

Thank goodness we were able to visit the Acropolis. How awful would it have been to get all the way there and not see the Parthenon. I shudder at the thought because it is truly breathtaking to stand on top of Athens' "Sacred Rock" surrounded by great marble temples built in the 5th century BC. I have a new appreciation for the word "ancient." Even looking at the ruins, you have to wonder how they built something so majestic and magnificent more than 2,500 years ago.

Besides visiting archeological sites, Jen and I had to use our imagination to dream up ways to fill the rest of our time. Ouzo in the afternoon featured heavily as well as a delicious little Pita shop on the corner near our apartment that was mostly open. I'll tell you more in another blog when I can show pictures. We had some interesting moments. Stay tuned, there's more to come...

P.S. If you've been reading my fellow Trek chicks' blogs, you know that we got together this weekend in Madison, Wisconsin at Trek HQ. Unfortunately my flight out got canceled last night due to weather, so I'm here until tomorrow morning. After wearing the same clothes since Dec. 26th I'm really looking forward to putting on some clean duds. But ladies, it was great to see you!!!


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