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February 12, 2008

CrnkCu koo ka choo...

Blech2_2Two more days, til we get CRANKY!!!

My challenge is that I'm going to teach a 3-hour spin class (yikes) from 6-9 am. Cranksters can do the whole class or just pop in for part of it. If I've got any legs left, I'm going to try to spin some more after work.

I'm also really excited because my Mom is going to be a Cranky Cupid too. She's going to ride her recumbent stationary bike. Go Mom!!! My sis, Becky, would be in to it too, but the girl is 7 months pregnant with twins -- she'll just do the cranky part. :)

So are you ready to ride?


My plan is to ride an extra long commute and I'm encouraging the weather to cooperate. If it's snowing... that's what studs are for :D Going for 30 miles.

Posted by: Sue | Feb 12, 2008 2:39:09 PM

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