Trek Women
February 29, 2008

Leapin' learning opportunities...

Flat_1Urban living has its benefits -- storage is not one of them. So, my bedroom has turned into a bike shop. I’m getting ready for work today and I see Shady, that tart, has a flat tire.

My internal devil voice (you remember her, the one that taunts me to consume peanut m&m’s) says in a mocking tone, “Looks like you’ve got a learning opportunity on your hands.” It’s true. I need to learn to fix my own flats. But does it have to be right now?

Learning opportunities cross our paths every day, whether we like it or not. Today’s a “not.” Yesterday morning was a “not” when I was too lazy to tramp out in my gnome PJs to feed the parking meter when I was running 15 minutes late and now I owe DC $25. Laziness costs -– duly noted (also, I can’t blame the Sign anymore, rats).

But some life lessons, however hard-won they may be, are beyond price. I believe they make me stronger and more resilient, empowered, confident, caring and on and on. I’m not the same person I was nearly three years ago when I made the big leap to get healthy. I thought I was learning how to lose weight so that I could wear smaller pants. But along the way, I seem to have learned how to have bigger hopes and dreams for myself.

I may not always get to pick when “opportunity” strikes; but, I do get to choose what I do about it. Learning to fix Shady’s flat myself is a little thing.  But someday, I bet that skill is going to come in handy out on the trail or during a race. Who knows what other life lessons are going to pay off in the future.

P.S. Happy birthday, if it’s your birthday today. I have always thought it must be pretty cool to have your birthday on leap year day, like Pirates of Penzance.


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