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February 25, 2008

The shady lady arrives...

Shady_lady Yesterday, I made a trip to see my friends at Revolution Cycles in Rockville, MD. I had gotten a call that my burley girl (as opposed to girly girl) was ready. She’s not new; but, she’s new to me – a sweet Trek Fuel Ex7 mountain bike.

Maybe I should call her the shady lady because she’s been around the block a few times as one of Ross Rushin’s demo bikes on last summer’s Trek Fit for Women Tour. To make room for the 2008 models on the Tour now, I was excited to be able to buy a Fuel from Trek. I’ve had this crazy notion to try an XTERRA triathlon, but I was missing one critical element, a mountain bike. Now she’s mine and I have no excuse. Gulp.

I’ve mountain-biked exactly twice in my life. The first was with Ross when I tested the Ex7 in the Blue Ridge Mountains last August. (Hey, shady might even be that same bike!) The second was with my guys and we were derailed by a flat tire incident. Needless to say, I’ve got some learning to do before competition time and I’m looking forward to it.

Despite the chilly temperature yesterday afternoon, I just had to go for a spin on my new-to-me ride. I started with my Oslo socks (they work!!) and layered on other warm gear, got down the street, and realized I had no clue where to test her out. I’m surrounded by city. I ended up biking to the National Mall where there’s a gravel path from the Capitol all the way to the Lincoln Memorial. So it wasn’t single track; but, I did have to dodge tourists and slugging up Capitol Hill was definitely a bigger challenge on shady than my WSD 5000 road bike. Plus, it felt awesome to do a real ride outside for the first time in months even though it took me a good while to defrost afterwards. I can’t wait for Spring to get here already. Shady and I need to get better acquainted.


Congrat's on your purchase. I bought my Fuel Ex 7 this year, and I love it. Have fun trying it out on the trails, hopefully you will end up loving mtb as much as being on the road.

Posted by: Kendra | Feb 25, 2008 7:53:55 PM

I really like the name of the new bike. It just works for ya. Have some fun, can't wait to hear the reports.

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Feb 25, 2008 10:02:40 PM

You're makin' that bike look hot! Keep on keepin' on.

Posted by: THE Ross | Feb 25, 2008 11:05:46 PM

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