Trek Women
March 21, 2008

Bike bug...

My thinking this morning was that even though I feel completely wretched, I’m not contagious anymore. No reason to cancel spin class. I wasn’t expecting a big group anyway since it’s the start of a holiday weekend, and only two gents from the Protocol office showed up. While we were setting up their bikes, I explained that I still felt too gross to ride, but I would take them though the workout. I had originally planned to perch on a tall platform, which lasted about 2 minutes into the warm up. I couldn’t do it; I had to sit on a bike. Not that I was going to ride, but it felt weird not to be in the saddle.

The second drill was a series of jumps and somehow, there I was demo’ing the action. My head was saying, “keep going, do the workout, you know you want to” – and my bod was saying, “knock it off, idiot, that’s the Dayquil talking.” I ended up taking all the resistance off and just pedaled slowly for the hour. The guys did great though.

I’ve definitely got the bike bug. I want to be riding outside now. If only my health and the weather would cooperate already.


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