Trek Women
March 17, 2008

Lucky me...

Clover I took the weekend off. It was great to just slow down and hang with friends over coffee and lunch. I saw a movie, read a book and took long naps on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I did a little laundry and worked out for only an hour both mornings. My sis, Jen, was like “are you sick, what are you doing home?”

Instead of being on the GO, my goal for the weekend was to simply “go with the flow.” I think I did a pretty good job at it. Okay, I had a few moments there when I thought that I should really fix Shady’s flat, and do a Spring chain cleaning on all of my bikes, and while I was at it re-organize my cycling gear, and then... Luckily, those thoughts lasted about five seconds before I dropped back to sleep. I usually try to do something interesting over the weekend so that I have a good story for Monday. But today’s story is that there is no story.

End of (the relaxing, aaaaaahhh) story.


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