Trek Women
March 24, 2008

Toxic wasteland...

Crazy_tv Just post the quarantine signs on our house, it was a toxic wasteland this weekend. Jen caught the flu bug too (SORRY!), so we were both miserable wretches wandering about in Nyquil-fueled hazes. I rallied on Saturday long enough to make a run to the grocery store for chicken noodle soup and juice.

I also watched more than enough TV. Things of note... 1) I've decided that I want to be Samantha Brown who hosts Passport to Europe on the Travel Channel when I grow up. 2) I never want to flip a house -- what a nightmare. 3) Brett Michaels and "Rock of Love" -- there are women out there who want to date him, why?? 4) Tom Colicchio from Top Chef is the coolest. 5) I want to makeover my bathroom, can I do it for under $500? 6) someone needs to take my remote away now.


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