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April 7, 2008

A big tease...

Holland_020 Hi everybody!! I've got so much to tell you about, but I haven't had time since I got back from Holland to write a proper blog for you all. So today, I'll just tease the stories coming up...


  • How we ate our weight in bitterballen and cheese
  • A trip to tulip Disney
  • Biking dutch-style
  • How I cracked a rib (or did something to it)
  • Do you think I look like Madeleine Albright's daughter?


Yesterday, I went to an awesome event called Cyclefest 2008 hosted by the Bike Lane in Fairfax, Virginia. I met up with Trek Demo Gal, Chris, Demo Dude, Dave, and Trek Manager, Jon Rogers.

  • Cold, wet, rainy -- who cares
  • FX bikes in Fairfax
  • The Mirraco boys want to know where I party
  • Mountain (mud) biking with Chris, Dave & Jon
  • Jumped my first log then fell in a ditch -- SWEET!

Let's see, what else... today's my first official day at my new job at the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. Oh, and I'm going to be on television.

How's that for teasing. Stay tuned for the full stories!


Enough of the tease already! I want to know about falling in the ditch. :-)

Posted by: Becky | Apr 9, 2008 10:27:41 AM

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