Trek Women
May 6, 2008

A ride with Brit...

Last night around 7 o’clock, I’m in the elevator down to the parking garage where the building has bike racks -- the guards keep an eye on our rides. (LOVE the perk that I can bike commute!)  The doors start closing when a voice call outs, “Hold the elevator!” I throw an arm into the gap and the doors peel back. A tall gentleman enters, in his late 50s maybe. He looks really familiar. He says thanks and nods to the helmet in my hand, “You bike to work?”

21_61_hume_brit_320_2 It dawns on me who it is… Brit Hume, the anchor from FOX News. I work in the Hall of States, which is around the corner from the Capitol and home to offices for FOX, NBC and C-SPAN. Anytime you see a live shot with a reporter and the Capitol in the background, it’s probably happening on the sidewalk in front of the building.

Back to Brit. I reply, yes, that I love biking, especially with this weather today. (It was gorgeous – mid 70s and sunny). Brit says something like it must be miserable when it gets hot and humid in the summer. I laughed and answered that I don’t mind the heat, it’s the cold that turns me into a total wimp. Then, we arrived at our floor and wished each other goodnight. He in an intelligent anchor-ly way; me, wishing I was wearing something other than ratty workout clothes.

As I was unlocking my old Trek 930, Brit drove past and gave me a wave. It was nice riding with him.


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