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May 21, 2008

Hand me that sports page...

Peloton_backsI was in the office kitchen stalking the coffee pot when my boss, MH, walks in with the Washington Post. He says, “Here, MacLean, I saved you the sports page” and laughs. MH is a rabid Boston Red Sox fan. I’m a rabid Project Runway fan. To each newspaper section his/her own.

But today I said, “Hand it over, I’ll see how my guys are doing in the Giro.” “The what?” he replied. “Giro D’Italia. You know… big road race… Italy… Astana got in.” He shook his head in the funny way that he does whenever I talk about cycling. I laughed back.

Following the Giro and the competition for the maglia rosa (pink jersey) is fun. It’s even better than I thought it would be this year since the Astana team was invited to participate after race organizer RSC reversed its original February decision at practically the last minute. Looks like the “Let Levi Ride” campaign might be making a difference since the Giro is one of the world’s most important stage races after the Tour de France.

Anyway, Levi and his teammates, Andreas Kloden and Alberto Contador, are kicking it into gear and I can hardly wait for the coverage on the Versus network this Sunday.

I couldn’t tell you who’s leading the National League; but, I can still get some sports on. AND I can tell you which team’s jersey I think is the prettiest. How about that.


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