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June 23, 2008


Bella_ladies_2 I had a rather beautiful weekend. Saturday, I got out early for a 3-hour ride before the temperature got swampy and the more leisurely riders hit the bike path to Mount Vernon. Don’t get me wrong, I tip my helmet to everyone who goes by bike. But, to paraphrase the guy flick Top Gun, sometimes I feel the need for speed. There’s this sweet, curvy rolling hill section through the woods that I love to see how fast I can power through. It’s exhilarating when done right.

The whole ride, it was pretty much me, a handful of other cyclists and tons of running groups training for the Marine Corps. Marathon. My sis, Jen, was out there somewhere too – she signed up to do the marathon! I can ride 100 miles; but I can’t even imagine running 26. Go Jen!!!

Anyway, on Saturday, I also wanted to pick up some new cycling gear. I remembered a WSD event Susan had done at Bella Bikes and decided to drive up to Ellicott City, MD to say hello and check out the nation’s first bicycle store dedicated to serving women cyclists. Bella is Italian for beautiful and that’s just how I would describe the store. Rows of WSD bikes line half of the space and the other half is racks full of cute clothes and accessories. I was in awe. Usually, you walk in to bike shop and there’s maybe a few different women’s jerseys. Bella has colors and patterns and sizes galore. That’s Bella’s manager, Patti, and sales diva, Sandy with me in the photo. Patti coaches the local Team in Training triathlon group and Sandy commutes everywhere on a 35-lb steel frame bike. They lead a “Hookie Ride” every Friday morning, alternating between road and mountain biking each week. [Do I feel a cold coming on, cough cough?]

Sunday, I met up with the guys for coffee like we always do. Then I went home and did laundry (how exciting). I’m traveling a lot this next month and my first leg starts tomorrow to San Diego. I’m hoping I’ll have some interesting tales from the road. It should make my tri training interesting anyway.


At the risk of sounding less than cool, are you traveling to my San Diego? by that I mean, California?

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Jun 23, 2008 10:27:10 PM

Yeppers, California. I've never been to San Diego before, so I'm hoping I have enough time to get out and explore a little.

My schedule is about to get insane - San Diego til early a.m. Friday. Friday early evening to Charlottesville, VA. Then early Sunday morning to Estes Park, CO til July 3. Then I'm home for a few days and off to Rapid City, SD and from there straight to Nashville, TN. Phew.

Posted by: Laura | Jun 24, 2008 8:10:10 AM

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