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June 17, 2008

Clap for her…

Clappers_2 I’m scootering home from the gym last night a little after 9 pm and I pull up to the stoplight near our house. While I’m waiting for the light to change, a plus-size woman in her late 20s is running on the sidewalk. Having just finished a run myself, I was really impressed by how she was chugging along. So as she goes to cross the intersection in front of me, I couldn’t help it, I just started clapping and whooping, “Way to go! Keep going! You’re doing great!” She started laughing and raised her arms in the air Rocky-style and kept running. I parked my scooter and I could see her down the block, still going strong. That made my day.


Very good,I now know that they do this at Danskin too. This is one of the things that is so inspiring to the participants.
This was a good reminder!

Posted by: Trek Sister Marie | Jun 18, 2008 12:12:53 PM

As a plus-sized cyclist myself, I don't understand why you would cheer her on more than anyone else.

Not every plus-sized person is cycling or working out to lose weight. Some of us do it because it feels good, or improves our health, or because we've become hooked on endorphins. ;)

I started working out daily and cycling too, about 9 years ago. Yes, I lost weight, but I'm still pretty big. Doesn't matter to me, all that matters is that I feel GREAT!

Posted by: Anita | Jul 19, 2009 1:47:16 PM

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