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June 9, 2008

Dear thief...

Camping_008 Dear thief who stole the rear wheel off my old Trek 930 on Friday night,

Why did you do that? What could you possibly need a 14-year-old wheel for? I’m sure some stupid tire means nothing to you; but it meant something to me. I’ve ridden hundreds if not thousands of miles on that piece of metal and rubber. Those spokes have seen me through thick and thin.

And you were probably bored and did it because I should have done a better job locking up. Why didn’t you just break in to my car? That I understand, it's the cost of living in the city. Though there isn’t much in there after you swiped my Best of Duran Duran CD last time.

Was it really worth it?


From: Becky (my sis)
Re: Your latest blog post reminded me of this craigslist entry. Sorry about your tire!

in case you have/lifted my yellow track bike.....
To whomever currently has my beloved fixed gear, you made a really sweet score, but there are some repairs and upgrades you might want to make note of. I know that I was foolish and absent-minded to leave it accidentally unlocked outside the Mt. Sun in Boulder on Sunday, April 6, but now that you've given it a new home, let's talk wrenches:

The frame is new, but all the other parts on it I've collected over the years, mostly bought from dear friends and my favorite shops. The rear wheel could use truing, but the old school Mavic CXP30s do hold up well. Rest assured, though, because I did just replace the bearings in the Phil Wood track hub. I even splurged on the ones rated for submersible marine applications so they'll last for years to come.... even if you ride year-round like I do.

The Cinelli criterium drop bars are a little bent from when I was working in Denver a few years back and some imbicile in an SUV pulled front-first into a parallel spot and pinched me into a parked car. Despite the bend, they still seem to handle fine. Could use new tape, though.

The drive-train is pretty shot. I've used that Race Face chainring for well over 2 years (I bought it from my old messenger shop in Chicago) and it probably has at least 25,000 miles on it. Pretty worn, as is the rear cog. I'd been meaning to replace the whole lot, but had been saving up a little extra cash to drop on real track cranks (you'll find that the FSA 110BCD cranks make it hard to find suitable chainrings.) Good idea to throw a fresh chain on while you're at it!

The plastic molding on under the seat is cracked and getting worse. Again, something I'd been wanting to upgrade with a more ergo-friendly design.

What else..... Oh yeah, the rear tire is fairly worn, so you'll probably see a flat pretty soon. When you do, you'll clearly notice that I'm pretty OCD about patching tubes, and the rear tube had exactly 20 patches on it last time I checked. (I was hoping to best my P.R. of 22 patches on a single tube. Hope you keep the dream alive!)

In case you decided the color wasn't for you, rest assured that the bright yellow powder coat will make a great primer/base for a custom rattle can job. No rust ever! And I also personally sprayed the insides of all the tubes with WD40 to prevent internal corrosion. That's right, this will last you forever.

The Wound Up carbon fork is sturdy; no issues there besides finding outdated parts compatible with the 1" threaded setup. The vintage Campy Chorus headset was a gift from my boss, and although the races are a little pitted, it should hold up ok with occasional maintenance.

There's a bit of play in the cartridge bearings in the front Miche Pista hub, but not a huge deal. If you get a hold of me, I can give you the new set of bearings I have here at home. I just didn't get around to installing them yet.

Anyway, if you would rather have me do the mechanical work, I'm well qualified and would love to get my bike back. Seriously, no questions asked. Or if you know someone who has it, let me know, and no big deal. I'd just like to see my bike again!!!

Location: wish I knew :(

Posted by: Laura | Jun 9, 2008 7:06:37 PM

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