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July 24, 2008

Go (by bike) for it...

08gobybikewidget_email Put down your car keys on shorter trips and a Trek 7.2 FX could be changing your world! Our friend of the WWR, Rebecca Anderson, who leads Trek’s 1 World 2 Wheels program, just launched the GO BY BIKE CHALLENGE.

Here’s what you do… click here to take the pledge to bike more. There’s a cool calculator that when you enter your info will tell you how much pollution you’ll help prevent, money you’ll save and calories you’ll burn. You can even break it down into types of trips like commuting to work, going to the store, to work out, etc. Just adding up my little 2-mile trips, I easily pledged 100 miles a month.

And, if you sign up between now and August 31st, you’ll have a chance to receive a brand new Trek 7.2 FX, valued at $519.99. One lucky pledger will be selected at random each day during the campaign. So, what are you waiting for -– take the pledge, change the world for the better, save some $$, get a little exercise and maybe you’ll have a sweet new ride. Makes sense to me.

Did you know… nearly 40% of all trips taken by car are 2 miles or less!


I actually got the widget to work on my blog :)
I also discovered trying to get here without a bookmark that the Trek site has links to "blogs" - oh, but only the men's blogs. Life in the bike lane, the mountain bike and road bike ones... had to go back tot he home page and click "women."
It's heading for 4.7 million - if there's an untapped online well, maybe they'll need *another* digit :) Would there, could there be a chance that their market guys might bump practical cycling stuff up on their radar?

Posted by: Siouxgeonz | Jul 28, 2008 8:30:03 AM

Hey there,
I agree, it's kind of weird how the blogs are organized. We could use some more cross-promotion among the species. I try to keep up with my fellow writers in TrekWorld.

Anyway, what are you thinking about practical cycling stuff? I'm happy to forward suggestions on.

I wish I could buy one of the Trek commuter bikes the company makes for the European market. I am obsessed with the orange bike I saw in Amsterdam all tricked out for commuting.

Posted by: Laura | Jul 28, 2008 10:06:41 AM

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