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July 17, 2008

Greetings from...

Nashville. I got here on Tuesday from Rapid City for another work conference. It's felt like a long haul and way too many hours in airports. I did a quick calculation and since the end of June I've only been able to ride my bike 3 times. 3 times. I feel soft and out of sorts. It's a feeling I really really don't like. I miss my bikes.

Luckily, both hotels have had the VERSUS channel so I've been able to watch the Tour de France. I wish I was rooting for the ASTANA team; but, it still is exciting to watch. Bob Roll's commentary during the nightly enhanced coverage is great as always. Plus he doesn't look like Chewbacca anymore -- like when I met him in January. Hahaha.

I head home tomorrow and the guys and I are heading out to the Shenandoahs for some hiking and camping. I can't wait to get outdoors.


Hi all,
Don't know if you saw Tori's TdF comment on the Sports Overload blog -- I have to agree with her, I like the addition of Craig Hummer to the VS. commentary team. He's a cutie.

Tori, do you know where he came from? It doesn't sound like he was a pro rider, but he holds his own with Bob, Phil and Paul.

Tommorrow is the Alpe D'Huez stage - can't wait to watch!

Posted by: Laura | Jul 21, 2008 8:53:37 AM

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