Trek Women
July 14, 2008

My 15 minutes...

Only a few more hours til the show airs. Agggghhhh! Thanks to all who sent me emails saying, "I saw your commercial." Russ texted me after he saw it on Saturday. I wrote back.... what did I say, what did I do, did I look cute? He wrote back like a typical guy, you were wearing a baby blue sweater and walking through the store. I'm pretty sure he knew that, like a typical girl, what I was really asking was how fat did I look. I wouldn't touch that one either.

I still haven't found a place to watch it here in Rapid City, SD. I did see Mt. Rushmore though and some bison and a prairie dog town, that was cool. Pre-thanks to my fellow Trek chick Jen and Mr. Jen for recording the show for me.

Here's a few secrets from the set to tempt you... I told the makeup person to give me cheekbones like Oprah. I don't like eggs. See if you can spot the Trek gear. The Marines in my spin class had their mandatory physical fitness test that morning - so before the taping they had already run 6 miles for time and done pull-ups and some other strength tests. I did about 10 clothing changes total for all the images that aren't in the Whole Foods Store.

Here's the link to Planet Green again...


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